There are always those go-to themes for parties with items that are easy to get hold of or borrow. So, don’t panic about “keeping up with trends” if you are one of those people that remember with days or even hours to go, that you need to get an entire party sorted for 20 children. Go with dinosaurs, fairies, a colour or age, animals or pirates. The parents of the children you are inviting will thank you for going with an easy theme too! For older children and teenagers, things become a bit easier and they’re too grumpy for a themed party (massive generalisation but the teenage years can be turbulent!) so seem to mainly want a smaller activity or outing with just a few friends.

Football themed party

For those people who are super organised and are planning ahead, you will have no doubt asked your child what themed party they’d like and they will have told you…and then changed their mind about three times over the last week. It’s hardly surprising though, with the amount of children’s TV and films – and all the toys and merchandise that goes with them – influencing their sponge-like minds! There is always that film of the year, such as ‘Frozen’ that can be relied on to be a big hit and impact millions of little girls’ lives!

2017 will be no different, with some well-known films and sequels being released and will influence party themes. In March, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ hits the big screen. With Emma Watson playing Belle, and already being well-known from ‘Harry Potter’, another generation will fall in love with this renowned tale. A room full of little girls in yellow dresses will be a sight to behold and make for adorable photos. Other movies being released this year are Despicable Me 3, The Lego Batman Movie, Cars 3 and Power Rangers. No doubt all of these will be offering inspiration for parties.

Pirate theme party

Children have different personalities, likes and dislikes. So, picking activities that will cater for everyone attending can be tricky. Having someone come to the party to manage the main activity is ideal, freeing you up to sort out food, cake, goodie bags and parents. Popular choices are Critters; where various animals are brought to the party to look at and hold. Science; the kids get to make sweets or slime to take home. Beauty; children are pampered or make bath bombs. Generally, if there aren’t too many children attending, the activities aren’t too expensive, are low stress and can be fun for the parents too!

Roller skating party

There are more and more businesses setting up to cater for children. Soft play, trampoline fun, football and roller skating are all easily accessible now and also do a great job of wearing the kids out – every parents’ dream! The latest craze is Foot Golf, which as you’ve probably guessed, is a combination of golf and football and there are hundreds of golf courses around the UK that offer it.

Children love trying new activities so as long as there are new businesses offering parties or birthday activities, we will never be short of things to entertain them with. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with going retro with jelly & ice cream and music statues – the old favorites are always good!

At the end of the day, if you are not left tearing your hair out and your child is happy, what more could you ask for?


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