On Saturday 20th June, we organised a surprise 60th birthday party in Broadstone, Dorset.

The event was held in a garden. Luckily the couple had stayed away the night before, so we had free reign of the house to transform the garden for the big surprise! The brief was to organise a relaxing party with nice food & drink.

During the day, the weather was less than cooperative and it poured. Luckily, we had booked Camelot Marquees Ltd to put up a marquee, having seen the weather forecast earlier in the week. This was the best decision as during the evening, it rained again. The team from Camelot Marquees Ltd provided an outstanding service as always.

Camelot Marquees Ltd


Camelot Marquees Ltd

To welcome guests, we set up a table of champagne and wine. The fridges were full of food so we had ‘Cool Drinks’ buckets with ice to keep the drinks cool. This also meant that guests could help themselves throughout the evening as and when they wanted.

Catering Dorset


To keep guests entertained, we arranged for Evertide Acoustic Duo and Trio. They were perfect for this event as people could still chat without having to shout above the music but also appreciated the beautiful voice of Rachel! We had so many comments from guests on how good they were so we highly recommend them.

Evertide Music Duo & Trio Dorset


The food organised was lovely fresh baguettes in hampers with platters of lovely meats and cheeses. The talking point was the DIY meringue dessert. We thought a really effective but simple way of letting people choose, was to have a big basket of meringue nests and lots of bowls with different toppings, including strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, M&Ms, crushed Oreos, Jelly Babies and thick cream.

And, what’s a party without singing Happy Birthday? The amazing cake, made by Cake by Sadie Smith and pictured below was brought out. It had photos of Tim, the ‘birthday boy’ and his family printed on sugar paste and put around the cake. It was lovely for the guests to look at these and created another talking point.

Cake by Sadie Smith Dorset


The feedback from the guests was really lovely;

“A fantastic evening and that was all down to South Coast Events.” Heather

“Very enjoyable and brilliant buffet!” Jenni

“It was most enjoyable!!!” James

“The whole evening was fantastic and all the more enjoyable for being a complete surprise. Your organising talents were obvious to all.” Tim (birthday boy)

Happy people is good enough for us to say it was a success!

If you would like us to help with your private or corporate event in Dorset or surrounding areas, please email sam@southcoastevents.co.uk or call 01202 582851.