Paul Newton is a magician. But also, so much more! But we won’t give all of his secrets away in the first paragraph (not that we could even if we wanted to).

Magic is never going to fail to impress and perhaps that is because 1) everyone loves to be amazed – even for adults, there’s always going to be that little child inside of us who is wowed and 2) humans are curious beings – we all want to know how magicians do it and it drives us potty that we can’t figure it out.

So, what type of events are magicians suitable for? The better question is, which events aren’t they suitable for? Close up magic is great for when guests arrive at a venue. It is the perfect ice breaker. After guests have been seated, a magician can entertain the tables that aren’t being served first. Guaranteed that your guests will be talking about the magician for a long time.

Up Close Magician

We have had first-hand experience of Paul’s magic as he’s provided his services at our events. He is extremely personable, which enables your guests to feel relaxed immediately. He is flexible and can fit in with your event plans. Paul has years of experience with an endless supply of surprises up his sleeve!

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